Billy Gillispie is likely done, so let’s reminisce about the time Gregg Doyel wrote that Gillispie is the ‘only’ choice for Kentucky

Jeff Goodman of CBS Sports wrote a scathing piece about how current Texas Tech coach Billy Gillispie has mistreated pretty much everyone he has come in contact with in Lubbock. The piece gives a detailed account of allegations that will seemingly destroy Gillispie’s coaching career. And if even a portion of Goodman’s allegations are true, Gillispie deserves all that it coming to him.

But in times like these, it’s always interesting to see what people thought about a person once upon a time. And in this case, we’re going to examine what Goodman’s colleague at CBS Sports, Gregg Doyel thought about Gillispie back in 2007.

Long story short, he thought he was a good coach; the “only” coach for Kentucky back in 2007.

Why? Three reasons: “Gillispie is a great coach”, “Socio-politically, Gillispie is everything Kentucky fans want in a coach”, and “Gillispie would accept the job”.

Well, Kentucky did hire Gillispie and things didn’t work out. It happens. But now that Gillispie has found his way into these allegations, what does Doyel think of the man he once stumped for to get hired at Kentucky?

Not surprising.

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