A half-billion dollars reportedly changed hands on controversial Packers-Seahawks ending

It’s obvious that Green Bay players are upset with the replacement refs literally taking a win away from them, but there is another group of people that are just as upset: Folks that had their hard earned money riding on the Packers.

Marc Lawrence of Playbook.com told USA Today that conservatively about a half-billion is bet on Monday Night Football games. And that money changed hands from Packers bettors or Seahawks bettor all on the final play of the game.

Before the final play, the Packers led 12-7, covering the 3½-point spread. But with the Hail Mary touchdown, that cover was erased, and the Seahawks, a home underdog, and their backers, were in the money. Lawrence believes the bizarre finish will end the dragged-out bickering over pensions and other economic and non-economic issues.

“If a half-billion dollars can’t get (commissioner) Roger Goodell’s attention, what will?” Lawrence said.

Pissed off players, a pissed off senator (who is willing to tweet Roger Goodell’s phone number), and now fans that are pissed off about losing their money.

Think it’s time that the NFL gets the regular referees on the field.

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  1. There is no such thing as a sure thing. U bet u lose.. don’t go crying sround about it

    • Jamie Valle'e says:

      1 Hotel & Casino here in downtown Vegas (The D Hotel Casino) gave back the money to bettors that still have their tix!!! Can’t ever remember that happening before!! They are taking the ones bet on the money line and str8 up bets. No parlay’s and they are accepting them till Mon morn at midnight!!!

  2. We need to bring back the “REAL” Refs because they “NEVER” make bad calls.

  3. Ernie Cadenas says:

    What’s with all the crying? How about the infamous tuck rule with the Raiders? Or, when we saw Calvin Johnson score a touchdown, only to have the referees reverse the call, saying he didn’t maintain possession. How about Paquiao whippin Tim Bradley, and Bradley gets the decision. Wow, society needs a distraction now and then. It’s a shame that someone is pulling strings, and no one is looking behind the curtain. “The hand is quicker than the eye.”

  4. Stop crying about losing a bet, you knew going in that replacements were officiating the game. You must be filthy rich or mentally challenged if you are betting on any of these games. Maybe you should attend a G.A. meeting and get a sponsor!!

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