While Lance Armstrong was being stripped of his Tour de France titles, LIVESTRONG was receiving $78K in donations

When the news that Lance Armstrong would no longer fight doping allegations and be stripped of his Tour de France titles broke, the internet responded with “who cares?” A totally fair question that was undoubtedly answered on Friday on Armstrong’s Foundation website livestrong.org.

It was there that 411 people flocked to the website to donate $78,000 in response to the Armstrong news. A number that was up almost 25 times compared to Thursday’s $3,200 in donations according to LIVESTRONG CEO Doug Ulman.

“We’ve heard from our strongest supporters,” Ulman said. “And while they are frustrated with the outcome, they are relieved to put this behind them and get back to business.”

There was a surge on the merchandise front as well. On Friday, $11,000 in LIVESTRONG gear was sold compared to $4,000 on Thursday. And big name sponsors like Nike, Anheuser-Busch, Oakley, Johnson Health Tech, Sporting KC, FRS, Honey Stinger and American Century Investments all pledged their support of Armstrong.

So do people really care about Lance Armstrong basically admitting that he cheated without verbally admitting it? Obviously not.

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