USADA: Lance Armstrong could’ve kept five Tour de France titles if he had “come in and been truthful”

We’ve already gave you quite enough evidence to prove to that no one cares if Lance Armstrong cheated to win seven Tour de France titles. Well, almost no one.

It seems that the USADA cares. Not because they’re anti-doping, which they are. But because it’s now clear that they REALLY wanted to nail Armstrong.

We were initially skeptical of Armstrong when he accused the USADA of “selective prosecution” and that they had a “vendetta against him”. But in a recent interview with USA Today, USADA head Travis Tygart makes Armstrong’s accusation seem not so farfetched.

In the interview, Tygart dangles the carrot that if Armstrong would’ve just “come in and been truthful”, he may have been able to keep some of his titles. Or in layman’s terms, “If Armstrong would’ve just admitted that he cheated, we could’ve worked something out.”

If Armstrong had “come in and been truthful, then the evidence might have been that the statute (of limitations) should apply,” Tygart says, adding that “would have been fine by us.” Tygart confirmed that would have meant USADA stripping Armstrong of only two of his seven titles, in 2004 and ’05.

Tygart, the agency’s chief executive officer, also says Armstrong’s lifetime ban could be revisited if he comes clean about doping in cycling.

The agency would’ve reduced Armstrong’s punishment “if he would have been truthful and willing to meet to help the sport move forward for the good,” Tygart says. “Of course, this is still possible and we always remain open, because while the truth hurts, ultimately, from what we have seen in these types of cases, acknowledging the truth is the best way forward.”

We’ll probably never know for sure if Armstrong did indeed cheat. But we now know that the USADA isn’t truly concerned about doping in the sport of cycling. They just want Lance Armstrong to be exposed as cheater. They are willing to give Armstrong titles and even reduce his ban for the chance to state that they “got” Lance Armstrong.

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  1. So what are they going to do now – go back and award the second-place finishers with Lance’s victories? If they retroactively test the second-place finishers’ previously submitted urine-blood samples, there’s a 99% chance they will test positive too! How far down the list will they have to go to find ‘clean’ participants to usurp Lance’s victories?

  2. Tygart has done more to “ruin” the sport of cycling than Armstrong has. In setting out to get Lance he showed what harm a petty bureaucrat can do when he sets his mind to it. It always felt like there was something personal in his constant attacks over these many years.
    Armstrong should go take back the 5 of his medals that aren’t in dispute and then write a tell-all book about the inside wold of doping and USDA’s chief .

  3. I hope you realize that there is a difference in the USDA (U.S. Dept of Agriculture) and the USADA (U.S. Anti-Doping Agency)

    But at any rate…agreed…the USADA was just on a stupid witch-hunt

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