Umpire Greg Gibson got spiked in the head by Torii Hunter last night

Umpire Greg Gibson was forced to leave last night’s game between the Angels and the Indians after getting spiked in the face by Torii Hunter’s cleat.

In the bottom of the fifth, Hunter reached third base after a double by Kendrys Morales. He then tried to score when Indians right fielder Shin-Soo Choo threw an errant relay that missed the cut off man. And in an attempt to avoid the tag of Indians catcher Carlos Santana, Hunter’s cleat caught Gibson in the face.

Gibson was taken to the hospital for precautionary X-Rays and had to have stitches, but was deemed okay after the game. But things could’ve been much worse if Hunter had worn his metal spikes instead of the rubber ones. “It’s a scary situation,” Hunter said, “because when I kicked him I wasn’t thinking I had rubber bottoms on.”

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