Stephen Strasburg will reportedly be shut down in the postseason

We’ve heard the rumbles regarding the innings limit that the Nationals have Stephen Strasburg on. The whole idea sounds fine until you’re in the thick of a pennant race. That’s when you have to decide just how serious you are about keeping arguably your best pitcher on an innings limit. And with the Nationals leading the NL East and poised to make the playoffs, one would think that the Nationals would ease up on their insistence on limiting Strasburg’s innings.

Well, according to Bill Ladson of, the Nationals are moving forward the innings limit on Strasburg.

The Nationals are expected to have right-hander Stephen Strasburg miss two or three regular-season starts, according to a baseball source.

But that’s not all. Ladson also reports that the Nationals are planning to take the limit to the next level.

The same source went so far as to say Strasburg will not pitch in the postseason once he is shut down.

Yes, you read that right. The Nationals may be planning to go into postseason play without Stephen Strasburg. An idea that totally makes no sense.

Yes, you want to protect him for the future, but there’s no reason to just shut him down completely. He’s already skipping starts in the regular season; he can do the same in the postseason.

Add to the fact that there is no guarantee they will be in the position again and it’s clear the Nationals are playing with fire.

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