Stan Van Gundy is going from radio station to radio station ripping the Magic

Until last week, former Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy hadn’t public given his opinion on anything regarding his previous employer. But he has now started to make the rounds on sports radio in Florida and it seems that Van Gundy has decided that he’s not holding anything back.

Last week in appearance on 790 The Ticket in Miami, Van Gundy criticized the way the organization handled Dwight Howard’s request to be traded saying, “You get what you deserve.”

Now today, Van Gundy joined Mike Bianchi’s show on 740 AM in Orlando and ripped Magic CEO Alex Martins for stating that Van Gundy could not relate to the Magic players.

“It’s a typical lack of understanding from someone who has no sports knowledge, who has never coached or played, who has never been in a lockeroom….it’s a naivete,” Van Gundy said of Martins Monday morning on Mike Bianchi’s show on 740 AM.

“….I’ll stand on the relationships with players based on the results we got.

“I think Alex’s comments are based on the fact that Dwight and maybe others didn’t like me…and thinking somehow that’s important.”

Van Gundy says he wants to coach again, but the situation must be right. Until then, he’s planning on being a television analyst where he will hopefully rip the Magic on national television. Because that would be great television.

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