Report: Dez Bryant rules came from Bryant’s camp

After learning of the Dez Bryant rules that were apparently mandated by the Cowboys, there was talk that the rules could violate the CBA. But according to 105.3 The Fan, the rules don’t actually violate the CBA. Mainly because the rules were not handed down by the Cowboys. Instead, it was Dez Bryant’s inner circle that created the rules and presented them to the Cowboys.

Of course, the Cowboys agreed with the proposal and it is Bryant who is footing the bill for any cost associated with the rules such as the security detail for Bryant.

But why would Bryant’s camp approach the Cowboys with such guidelines? 105.3 The Fan says the reason is two-fold.

Long-term, this program — which we’re told is being financed by the Bryant camp and not Jerry Jones’ team, a fact that keeps it from being a salary-cap violation and offers more proof that it’s not “Cowboys-mandated’’ – has a chance to keeps the budding star on the behavioral straight-and-narrow.

But short-term comes a goal that seems quite transparent: Soon, Dez Bryant will go before the district attorney in an attempt to avoid being found guilty of a Class A misdemeanor due to the incident with his mother. Soon, Dez might also go before NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to also make clear his willingness to comply to behavioral guidelines.

It’s smart for the Bryant camp to attempt to show they have Bryant under control. Especially with a potential visit with Goodell possibly on the horizon.

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  1. He has ZERO chance of following those rules! I give him 6 games tops.

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