President Obama agrees with the Penn State sanctions

President Obama joined 97.1 The Fan in Columbus, Ohio and spoke of several sports related topics. He talked White Sox, he talked Dream Team vs. 2012, and he even jumped into the Sanchez/Tebow fray. But his most interesting comments came when he was asked if the “punishment fit the crime.” To which President Obama says, “I think it does.”

The President then goes on to explain his stance on the sanctions:

“I’ve been a big admirer of Penn State football. Obviously Joe Paterno was a great football coach, but there’s some things that are more important than sports and making sure our kids are safe is more important than sports. I think it was appropriate to send that message that we just have bigger priorities here and that we’re always looking after our kids and we have an affirmative responsibility to make sure that we’re preventing predators from taking advantage of them.”

These comments probably won’t help President Obama in November, but with two young daughters of his own, it had to be said.

[Dr. Saturday]

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