Minor league DJ plays “Three Blind Mice”, umpire ejects him

If you’ve ever wondered what it would take for a DJ and a public-address announcer to get tossed from a baseball game, today is your lucky day. This unusual event actually happened on Wednesday when minor league umpire Mario Seneca ejected Daytona Cubs intern DJ Derek Dye and the public-address announcer.

Seneca was apparently upset that Dye played the nursery rhyme “Three Blind Mice” in response to a questionable call. So he sent Dye packing while yelling, “You’re done! Turn the sound off for the rest of the night.”

“I thought it was me though; I knew it was my fault,” he said. “I didn’t think he’d get angry. I just started laughing. I was shocked. Disbelief.”

Daytona’s PA announcer sat silently at his desk, while Dye was stunned.

“I think it’s a pretty popular children’s fable,” Dye said. “He’s umpiring the game tomorrow, so I don’t think I’ll be playing it anytime soon.”

Here’s Seneca giving the duo the old heave ho.

One thing an umpire shouldn’t have is thin skin.

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