Minnesota Timberwolves reportedly rejected deal that would’ve landed them Andrew Bynum

The Minnesota Timberwolves were busy during free agency and were rumored to be working behind the scenes in an attempt to land Pau Gasol. That attempt to land the Lakers big man fell through, but Charley Walters of the Pioneer Press reports that the Timberwolves had a chance to land the bigger, younger Lakers big man before he was dealt to Philadelphia. That big man being Andrew Bynum.

Tucked away in article about any and everything going on in the Minnesota sports world is the intriguing line, “Before the Los Angeles Lakers traded Andrew Bynum to the Philadelphia 76ers, the Lakers tried to peddle Bynum to the Timberwolves, who said no thanks.” Nothing more, noting less.

And because Walters gives no particulars of the deal that the Timberwolves rejected, we really can’t be too critical of the Timberwolves’ decision. For all we know, the Lakers were asking for Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio, or both. But let’s be clear, if neither Love or Rubio were on the table, the Timberwolves should’ve pulled the trigger. But it’s hard to fathom the Lakers giving up Bynum for any other combination of players on the Timberwolves roster.


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  1. It was a 3 way trade. Howard to the Lakers., Bynum to the Wolves and Wolves stuff to the Magic. Judging by what the Magic accepted from the Nuggets/76ers, it definitely wouldn’t have been Love or Rubio.

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