LeBron James honored in Akron for his foundation, is booed

LeBron James just capped off his best year as a professional with an Olympic gold medal. But while he’s floating on cloud nine, there are some that still haven’t forgiven him for taking his talents to South Beach.

That much was evident when LeBron was honored by Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic at Akron Aeros stadium for the first anniversary of his “Wheels for Education” program.

So if thought LeBron winning a NBA championship, Finals MVP, and a gold medal was cause Ohio to finally move on, we’re sorry to inform you that they haven’t.


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  1. I don’t have a problem with the choice that Lebron made to move to Miami to win a championship, but I do have a problem with him endorsing a pair of shoes that cost $250.00. What the Hell is that??

  2. Haha…got his a$$ booed…and why not. Once a LeDoosh always a LeDoosh. Now get your a$$ back to South Beach, punk.
    BTW, if this was SO important to him and he was sincere about it, do you think this multi-millionaire swimming in money could have presented himself better than just showing up in a t-shirt, ill-fitting sweat pants, and sneakers? Haha, what a doosh!

    • biggest bunch of pantywaists i’ve heard in a long time. i guess you have a problem with michael jordan since he’s the one that’s been endorsing hundred dollar shoes for decades.
      you all probably wanted the US to get beat at the Olympics so you could rub it in Lebrons face. whaaaaa….
      dude makes decisions you don’t agree with so you motherfuk him. you’re too immature to give him credit for the good he does in the community.
      btw, how much did those alligator shoes cost you? haha

  3. Joseph Blake in Syracuse, NY says:

    Hooray for those who booed. Nothing is forgotten. He is still a low-down scondrel. He did his dirty work in Cleveland and now he’s endorsed sneakers that are over $250.00 a pair. How is the average child supposed to buy a pair? Steal them, sell drugs for them?? He doesn’t care. You can buy a pair a alligator shoes for that amount. Is he crazy, stupid or just only cares about the dollar bill? I guest that some people can’t change their personality….. especially when it’s that of a super creep.

  4. JordyDrake says:

    James may have won all these awards the same way Micheal did, for 1 yr. But he’s not the very best that there’s ever been with 1 world championship. Once the heat fall apart, James is flyin out of there tryin to find another bandwagon team so he can get his beloved 2nd world championship. Just like Ray Allen, bandwagon fools they are, its crap. Another thing, if James is supposed to be this Mr. World Class Basketball then wtf is he doing wearing what he’s wearing. Try the suite n tie or a polo you punk. Yes, thats what u are, a greedy whiney baby punk. Live up to the word about yourself & dress like a PROFESSIONAL.

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