Lane Kiffin gives us a behind the scenes look at his pursuit of Silas Redd

The very moment that the NCAA announced that Penn State players could transfer and play immediately, Lane Kiffin began scheming on how he could lure running back Silas Redd to USC. He played it coy in the media and even offered Penn State coach Bill O’Brien advice on dealing with sanctions. But all the while, his sights were set on convince Redd to transfer to USC.

So how did Kiffin convince Redd? Well, he explained how he did it on Wednesday to ESPN’s Colin Cowherd. And of course, the story goes just the way you think a Lane Kiffin recruitment story goes.

“I picked up the phone, in true SC fashion and called one of our great donors Ted Jones at Fletcher Jones Mercedes and I called him when we were at the SoHo House for the PAC-12 dinner and he said, ‘Let me guess, you’re calling about Silas. Where y’at?'”

“So he sent his big ole Mercedes jet which was in Vegas to pick us up in LA. We got done with the PAC-12 meetings. We flew to White Plains, NY. It was myself, my dad, our running backs coach, our o-line coach.”

“We called Coach Orgeron. He was in Louisiana. He got on a plane. Our defensive backs coach was in Nebraska. He got on a plane. The only two we couldn’t get were our quarterbacks coach (Clay Helton). He was in Mexico because everybody was on vacation. Our receivers coach (Tee Martin) was on a cruise, so we tried to get a helicopter to go get him, but they wouldn’t let us do it.”

“We’re in Norwalk, CT, up near you guys. We met at a Dunkin Donuts. Got our game plan, went into the house for a 3.5 hour presentation and flew back.”

A Mercedes jet? Talk of picking up an assistant coach that was on a cruise by helicopter? A 31/2 hour “presentation” to a recruit? If this isn’t so Lane Kiffin, we don’t know what is.

And just in case you wanted to here it from the man himself, he’s the full interview:

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