Juan Nunez, the man behind Melky Cabrera’s phony website, has been banned by MLB

MLB sent out a memo to all of its club presidents, chief executive officers and general managers announcing that Juan Nunez has been banned from all team clubhouses.

Nunez is the man that took responsibility for creating that phony website that Melky Cabrera used to attempt to dodge being suspended for testing positive for testosterone.

Here is the memo that was sent out to the clubs obtained by the AP:

“Please be advised that commissioner Selig has directed that all major league clubs are prohibited from granting Juan Carlos Nunez access to their clubhouses or other nonpublic areas,” Manfred wrote in the memo, which was obtained by The Associated Press. “Nunez is affiliated with ACES Inc. sports agency. Nunez is currently under investigation for misconduct related to our recent matter under the joint drug program.

“In addition, Nunez is not certified as a player agent by the Major League Baseball Players Association. Clubs should not conduct contract negotiations with Nunez or otherwise deal with him regarding players on the 40-man roster.”
That’s one person hit with the ban-hammer by MLB. Is Cabrera next?

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