Jerry Sandusky thinks Penn State sanctions are ‘unjust’

As Penn State deals with major sanctions and attempts to move on from the Jerry Sandusky scandal, the man that sparked it all sits in jail. And according to his lawyer Joe Amendola, he’s distraught.

Not because of the damage he’s done to multiple victims. Not because of the damage he’s done to Penn State. But because of what he calls the ‘unjust’ sanctions placed on Penn State by the NCAA.

Attorney Joe Amendola told The Associated Press in a phone interview that Sandusky told him that even if people believe he is guilty of the crimes for which he was convicted in June, it would be “ridiculous” to think Penn State administrators engaged in a cover-up.

“He said, ‘To do what they’re doing to Penn State is so unjust,'” Amendola said. “He loves the program and he loves the university.”

Sandusky continues to maintain his innocence and “continues to believe that the truth will come out at some point, and that he’ll get another trial or another opportunity to establish his innocence.”

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  1. Bill Burkhard says:

    Wow, a whole new level of denial, this is one very sick man. Not sure why he is even getting headlines. How can he possibly think the “truth” will come out some day, I am thinking he honestly feels that all these victims have formed a huge conspiracy against him.
    Lets have a ban on anything to do with this monster.

  2. How sad that he doesnt think molesting young boys is unjust as well. His priorities are as out of touch as those idiot students who tried to guard the Penn State statue.

  3. Hey. DipShit! You caused all the above you sick FUCK! I hope you get to spend all your time in a Federal prison with the Colorado shooter nutball until he gets exectued. Maybe you could be blowing HIM while the juice gets you both. If not may you get introduced to the sickest BUBBA your sick kind can get!

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