If Howie Long was running the Jets he wouldn’t have brought Tim Tebow in

After receiving some criticism for saying he’d cut Tim Tebow, Boomer Esaison has decided to do what any rational human being would do: Find people that agree with his position on Tim Tebow. And that’s what he did on Wednesday when Howie Long joined Esaison and co-host Craig Carton on WFAN.

In the typical way the subject of Tim Tebow is handled these days, Long begins by praising Tebow and saying what a wonderful person he is. Then, he follows it all up by saying that the Jets shouldn’t have signed up for the “distraction” Tebow brings.

“People look at this guy and they wonder, ‘Who is Tim Tebow?’ ” Long said. “Tim Tebow is exactly who he presents himself to be. He’s as positive a guy as I could ever imagine in football.”


“I wouldn’t have brought him in,” Long said.

“When Tim Tebow comes, he comes with great distraction,” said Long. “I’m not a fan of the HBO series. I think it’s entertaining, but I think it gives the outside world access and distracts your football team. Tim Tebow has that kind of impact on a football team.”

Be sure to tune into to tomorrow’s Boomer & Carton show where the guest will undoubtedly be someone else that thinks the Jets should get rid of Tim Tebow.

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  1. Tebow’s answer showed pure class which revealed true character which is much needed in professional sports and broadcasting.

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