Here’s a shirtless James Harden wearing a cowboy hat and a chain surrounded by women


Usually any picture of a shirtless athlete instantly goes into the Questionable Poses category. But this photo of Oklahoma City’s James Harden isn’t questionable at all.

In fact, it makes you question why you’re not more like James Harden. Because you should be. We all should be.

We’ll, except when we’re playing defense.


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  1. Okay, so this is a athelete surrounded my pretty women. The question I have here is who would rather be surrounded by lot of pretty women or just one pretty woman. Baiscally do we like monogomy or polygomy? In my experiences of being surrounded by lots of beautiful women who most likely exercise, eat healthy and are extremely fit, I find it is more special when you meet that one special lady and spend quality shirtless time with her making that special connection.
    p.s. This time i’ve experienceds being with multiple women were imaginary..

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