Chris Johnson thinks he can beat Usain Bolt in the 40

Now what’s the key word in that title? That’s right. It’s “thinks”. And no matter how much Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson thinks he can beat Olympic gold medalist and fastest man alive Usain Bolt in the 40, it’s just not happening.

But we’ll indulge Johnson and let him state his case as to why he thinks he could beat Bolt.

“I feel like if I would have kept training for track I’d have a chance, but I play football and he runs track, so it’s totally different,” Johnson said. “I think I could still probably beat him in the 40. If I actually trained for the distance he trained for, I think I’d have a chance.”

“Training for football, we do a lot of short sprints — we do 40s and 50s and things like that. We don’t really train like track athletes,” Johnson said. “If a track athlete tried to come play football it would be totally different (for Bolt).”

Yeah, Johnson may have a point about the training aspect of all this. But at the end of the day, Chris Johnson is not beating Usain Bolt in 40. No way, no how.

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  1. Jamesdrake says:

    I cant believe these football players are trying to say that they can beat the fastest man that has ever lived on this planet. How arrogant can these fuckin people be??… K Chris keep tryin to talk about IF you still WERE training for track you then could beat him..Well your not and nv will again so WTF good is that statement. Pure ignorance.

  2. actually….Bolt isn’t such a great starter…he wins most of his races in the second half. Johnson, on the other hand, is a GREAT starter if you recall his 40 time. CJ could probably do it.

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