After paying their $199 camp fee, campers receive email that Dwight Howard is skipping his camp

The year of Dwight Howard missteps just continues to roll on. Apparently tired of trying to get coaches fired and telling us he won’t sign an extension with anyone, Howard has now turned his attention to ducking out on his own camp.

At the moment, Howard is still scheduled to “give daily talks” during his camp, but according to the Orlando Sentinel, the company that runs Dwight Howard’s basketball camp has sent an email to families informing them that Dwight Howard will not attend the camp. Instead, campers will have to settle for instruction from Magic rookie Andrew Nicholson.

An official for ProCamps, which runs the event, said families who paid the camp’s $199 registration fee were sent e-mail messages Monday to inform them Howard will remain in southern California in order to continue rehabilitating his back.

Howard’s annual camp originally was scheduled for July 1-2 at UCF, with Howard slated to attend both days. But it was postponed and later rescheduled for Aug. 13-14 at Orlando Volleyball Academy.

The ProCamps official said campers will receive a Howard autograph, a ticket to a Magic home game and a gift bag from adidas, which sponsors Howard. But the official also said registrants can receive refunds if they decide not to attend because of Howard’s absence.

So it’s official. Dwight Howard just doesn’t care anymore. It wouldn’t take much for Howard to fly in, show his face at the camp, and fly back to LA. But when you don’t care, you just don’t care. Guess this is what “Loyalty” means to Dwight Howard.

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