A ‘Free Payton’ banner was flown over New Orleans Saints practice

Saints fans Philip Marshall and Alex Luhrman sat down for a few drinks on Monday and kicked around the idea that someone should fly a “Free Payton” over Saints practice in support of suspended coach Sean Payton. Fast forward to Wednesday and the duo decided that they would be that someone to pull this off.

So Marshall, who just so happens to be a United Airlines pilot, flew a small plane carrying the banner over the Saints’ Wednesday practice. The plane circled the two practice fields eight times and was noticed by fans as well as the players.

“It’s pretty sweet,” starting left tackle Jermon Bushrod said. “It kind of caught us off guard. I was over there taking a knee after our repos and I seen it kind of just flying around. That’s kind of neat.

“You’ve got a city that’s going to back their coach and their players.”

Mashall and Luhrman have started a website, FreePayton.org and Twitter account, @PaytonAir where the duo says they “will be initiating our indefinite air campaign in support of Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints who have been wrongfully persecuted by the National Football League.”

So what’s next? The duo says that they’ve been asked could they possibly fly the banner over Roger Goodell’s home in New York. To which they responded, “We can do that.”

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