The Cubs want to trade Ryan Dempster to the Braves, but Dempster reportedly wants to go to the Dodgers

The internet was in an uproar yesterday afternoon when there was a report that the Cubs were close to trading pitcher Ryan Dempster to the Atlanta Braves in exchange for Randall Delgado. Minutes later a tweet appeared on Ryan Dempster’s foundation’s Twitter account emphatically stating that “THERE IS NO TRADE.”

Fast forward almost 24 hours later and Dempster has yet to be dealt. And according to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, he probably won’t be, to the Braves at least.

Apparently Dempster does not want to be traded to the Braves. Instead, he wants the Cubs to trade him to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Chicago Cubs right-hander Ryan Dempster does not want to be traded to the Atlanta Braves, according to major-league sources.

At least not right now.

Dempster, as a player with 10 years of major-league service, the last five with the same team, has the right to block a trade to the Braves.

The pitcher instead wants to be sent to the Los Angeles Dodgers, who were unable to reach agreement with the Cubs on a suitable deal, sources said.

If you’re a Cubs fan, this is certainly disappointing. Mainly because it will be quite difficult to get a talent like Randall Delgado from a deal with the Dodgers.

But maybe as time passes, Dempster changes his mind.

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