Televisions on Penn State’s campus were switched to public access channel during live coverage of Freeh Report

If the contents of the Freeh Report weren’t a big enough black eye for Penn State, we now get word that the university took measures this morning that made it worse. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, televisions in the Penn State student center were switched to the public access channel just as live coverage of the Freeh Report kicked off.

A group of students had gathered to watch the coverage on CNN when suddenly, the televisions in the student center went black and then were switch to the public access channel.

“Is this some kind of conspiracy?” asked Mary Krupa, an 18-year-old freshman from State College, Pa.
John Kruse, 48, an alumnus, was also in the student center at the time.

“I’m here today to find out who know what and when,” Kruse said of the report.

Kruse had been waiting in anticipation, and trying not to pre-judge what Freeh might find, when the channel changed.
On the public access channel, The Morning Call reporter was discussing the state budget, and referred to an item he dubbed a, “$27 million turkey,” as Kruse watched in disbelief.

“I don’t care about your $27 million turkey,” Kruse shouted toward the TV set. “Come on and change the channel.”

Several students went to speak with a student working at the main desk at the student center. But the student said a university employee was in charge of what is broadcast. That person, the student said, was in a meeting and could not be reached.

One would’ve thought Penn State had learned something about transparency through all this. But apparently not.

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