Swiss soccer player Michel Morganella calls South Koreans “mentally handicapped retards”

On the heels of Greek triple jumper Voula Papachristou being expelled from the London Olympics for her tweets, now we have a Swiss soccer player facing the same punishment.

After a tough day on the pitch in Switzerland’s 2-1 loss to South Korea, Swiss soccer player Michel Morganella vented his frustration by posting an offensive comment on Twitter.

Morganella, who has constantly booed by South Korean fans after a rough challenge on Park Chu Young, took to his Twitter account on Monday after the match and tweeted, “ I want to beat up all South Koreans! Bunch of mentally handicapped retards! (“Je les tous Defonce Coréens, allez vous tous Bruler, bande de trisos”)

Morganella quickly tweeted an apology that read, “I’m sorry for what I just wrote before, it was under the emotions! And I apologize of my behavior”, but that didn’t stop his account from being suspended and the Swiss team from considering expelling him from the Olympics.

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  1. The Olympic committie could bring all of these unfortunate and embarrassing Gaffes to a screaching halt by threatening any and all countries guilty of any offensive posts either electronically or in person of immediate expulsion from the games for the entire country and forfeiture of current medals awarded, Its time to stop the ignorance and get on with the games!

  2. To all athletes, let the press make fools of themselves and focus on why you are there at the Olympics. You guys have trained way too hard for the last four years, and now you are going to throw it all away with a tweet?

  3. This wil go no where because, Koreans dont have Jesse J or Al Sharptin and are not a past enslaved minority all be it over 140 yrs ago or more

    • elk_767 says:

      Oh? Better check the status of Koreans before and during WWII. They are considered sub-human by Japanese historically.

  4. This is our take:
    Racism! Racism! Racism. We believe, (very truly), that parents are 51% to be BLAMED for these BRATS being so RACIST, all over the world. For the 1st. 18 Years or so in the kids lives, parents FEED RACISM into the young minds of children. Sooner or later, it manifests in AWFUL ways.
    For so many good folks have lost it all because of racist tendencies, they can no longer control.
    Solution? There is NO solution to this EPIDEMIC!
    God bless America!

    • Actually, I think that the major part of the problem is that the parents aren’t “parenting”. Single mothers are too busy trying to make ends meet, etc.

      Then you have the awful “let the tv babysit them” mentality….

      We have a bunch of kids raising themselves and doing a terrible job of it….

      No punishment, no consequences for actions —the “me, me, me” generation – then add to it that a lot of these athletes have been pampered by everybody.

  5. norman hinderliter says:

    What? Like writers, commenters, and the general public have “NEVER” posted “in-appropriate content”, in one of these comment boxes?

    Give me a freakin break. Atleast I am willing to admit that I have shown bad conduct, during times of passion (anger).

    To expell athletes, from competition, for speaking out, in moments of anger, is even more in-competent than anything I could post, here.

    Maybe, the public should review every single “tweet”, e-mail, and I.M. message, which official have sent. Wouldn’t we be VERY surprised by what we would read, from these “puritans”.

    I am just saying: NO one, including myself, is perfect!

    • joe bassett says:

      Tweetiing will get you, because you type shit and hit send. Just more nonsense. Blacks cojld type kill all white hony crackers and no big deal.

      • And it should be all right. Have we become so sensitive that a tweet calling us names is tandamount to assualt with a deadly weapon or something?

  6. Terrible translation of the tweet.
    First,if you read it in french it doesnt make any sens…not at all.Plus,the tweet in question was
    in “verlan”.
    Why didnt you posted the original tweet (Morganella posted this tweet in “verlan” French)???It was in french anyway!!!Instead of making a very poor google translation.

    That being said,what in the world was he thinking!!??

    • And even tho I dont find these tweet very “smart”,these athlete should not be banned fr the Olympics.
      You dont kill a mouse with an AK-47!

  7. It is unquestionable that they in fact look like trisos saying the opposite would be ridicule.

  8. joe bassett says:

    If I was these athletes I would not twitter or blog a damn thing. I mean one tweet and the /greek lady was kicked but she should sue, because she said nothing about race. So four years of work gone.

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