Streaker with ‘Free Tibet’ written on his back invades Olympic torch relay (NSFW)

A streaker briefly interrupted the Olympic torch relay today in Henley. The man ran out in front of the torch bearing holding a fake torch and nothing but shoe, socks, and the words “Free Tibet” on his back.

The man was quickly covered and apprehended, but not before onlookers, including children who were given “prime viewing spot on the banks of the Thames”, got an eye full.

Local businessman Gary Boys said: “The whole town had turned out to watch, it was a massive event for the town and it was packed. With the river as a backdrop this man ran out from the lines of people carrying a fake torch.
“He was completely naked and had ‘Free Tibet’ written on his back. When he ran in front of the torch the police were a bit slow to react, he looked like he was part of the gig.”

Here’s NSFW video of the streaker doing what streakers do.

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