Sports agent Ralph Cindrich accuses Nick Saban of paying for players

Pittsburgh area sports agent Ralph Cindrich joined NewsRadio 1020 KDKA in Pittsburgh to give his take on the Penn State sanctions that were handed down by the NCAA. But Cindrich really wasn’t interested in discussing the sanctions per se, unless you count calling NCAA president Mark Emmert “a bozo” discussing the sanctions. He was more interested in discussing how Alabama coach Nick Saban is paying players and successfully covering it up.

Unfortunately, Cindrich doesn’t actually give concrete details of the evidence he has regarding Saban’s cheating, but he does offer that, “Everybody has something on Nick Saban, for God’s sake.” “And if he has a problem with anything I say, come on after me, big guy.”

Realizing that they weren’t getting anything solid from all of this, KDKA-AM’s Larry and John push Cindrich for something, anything that could be seen as evidence. And all Cindrich could muster was this:

“Like violations. Like payola. I mean, I testify in these things, guys. There’s so much money – are you guys really serious? Are you that naive to think that there really isn’t thousands of dollars in payola given to players to play each Saturday?”

And then Larry and John up the ante and specifically ask if Saban is paying players.

Oh, come on,” he said.

“When you get these guys down and you get them under oath, they’ll tell you that. Sure.

“The statute of limitations has probably run as far as any criminality was involved to what I was relating to Saban, but I was involved in it. I know what he tried to do. I know what he tried to cover up. If he wants to stand up and say something, I’ll bring that up. If it’s out of time, I’ll go to the nearest agent I know, and I’ll bring up about a dozen things that are in time, because that’s the way he and most of the big-time schools, particularly in the SEC, operate.”

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