Someone has stolen Wimbledon’s anti-pigeon hawk

First off let us just say, we had no idea Wimbledon had an anti-pigeon hawk. You may have known, but we surely didn’t. And for those of us who didn’t know, let’s just take a moment to explain what this anti-pigeon hawk’s duties are at Wimbledon.

So apparently, this anti-pigeon hawk, which is named Rufus of course, flies above the courts scaring off pigeons. He would fly above the courts in the morning and evening cleaning up the riff-raff of pigeons.

But of course, someone decided that they needed to have this anti-pigeon hawk for themselves and decided to steal the hawk from its cage while it sat in a parked van.

A hawk being used to patrol skies and deter pigeons from the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships has been stolen, police said Saturday.

Rufus, a Harris hawk, was stolen with its cage between Thursday night and Friday morning from a car parked on a private driveway in the southwestern suburb of Wimbledon, said London’s Metropolitan police.

The company that owns the hawk had left a rear window of the car open for ventilation, according to police.
The hawk, a family pet, flies above the tennis lawns every day, scaring away smaller birds such as pigeons that could distract the players and bother the audience.

Police said the family is “very distressed” about the theft of the 4½-year-old hawk, which is trained not to attack but to circle the courts to scare off smaller birds.

People are really the worst sometimes.

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