Someone please stop Roddy White from tweeting

Look, we’re all for freedom of speech and being able to read everyone’s view on everything on Twitter. But it comes a point where some people need to be stopped from sharing their views on Twitter. And today is that point for Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White.

White used a full 2 hours of his day defending Joe Paterno on his Twitter account today. Something that we don’t have a problem with. But what we do have a problem with is White tweeting utter misspelled nonsense while trying to defending Joe Pa.

Nonsense like: “don’t understand why penn state had to tell the media we got a coach rapping kids” and “I would send my kid there if he wanted to go he wasn’t rappin football players that’s a great program that joe pa ran”.

Here’s the full Roddy White experience:





Yeah, we got the point alright Roddy.

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  1. How about we stop you from posting irrelevant twitter “news”..

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