Santonio Holmes only wants the New York media to write nice things about the Jets

Jets receiver Santonio Holmes knows all about getting bad press. Mainly because he has a penchant for doing things that causes the media to write negative things about him.

For example, remember just last season when he supposedly quit on the Jets in the final two minutes of their season-ending game? Holmes apparently even got into a shouting match with teammate Wayne Hunter during the game.

But despite all the things he does to bring negative attention to the Jets, Holmes believes that the New York media should turn a blind eye to it all. In fact, Holmes believes that the New York media should only write positive things about the Jets. Well, that is if the media want to be part of the team, of course.

“If you guys want to be, and this is for the New York media, if you guys want to be a part of our team and want to feel so important, be there to support us, not to try to break us down,” New York Jets receiver Santonio Holmes told the’s own Dave Dameshek Football Program.

“If the New York media wants to be a part of our team and wants to continue writing about us, write positive things, stay away from the negative because it doesn’t do anything good for our team that you want to report all the negative things that happen and that’s all you want to talk to us players about,” Holmes said. “We live for one thing and that’s to play football and not to entertain you people in the media.”

Here’s an idea, Santonio. How about not doing anything that draws negative attention to the Jets? Then the New York media won’t have anything negative to report. Try that out and see if it works.

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