Ravens and Ray Rice Rice agree on a new deal

We openly celebrated Matt Forte getting his deal from the Chicago Bears earlier today. But if you’re Ray Rice or a Baltimore Ravens fans, you have even more reason to celebrate.

For Ravens fans, you should celebrate that you have arguably the most important player on the roster signed for the next 5 years. And if you’re Ray Rice, well you should be celebrating because you just got paid to the tune of $40 million.

Here’s CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora with the particulars:

$25 million of Rice’s deal comes in the first two years, and $24 million of the total deal is guaranteed. Rice will make $17 million in 2012 and $24 million in the first 12 months of the deal.

$24 million guaranteed? $25 million in the first two years? $17 million this season?

Safe to say Ray Rice got P.A.I.D.

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