Police report reveals Dez Bryant grabbed his mother by her shirt and hair; hit her in the face with a ball cap

As more and more details emerge regarding Dez Bryant’s arrest on Monday, the worse it looks for Dez Bryant.

Monday night, all we knew was that Bryant was arrested on family violence charges. Then comes word early Tuesday that the charge stemmed from Bryant allegedly shoving his mother during an argument between Bryant and his half brother.

But the police report reportedly paints a worse picture. According to NFL.com, the report states that Bryant “grabbed [his] mother by her shirt and hair and hit her in the face with a ball cap”. Which is obviously much worse than a simple shove.

The DeSoto Police Department’s report following Bryant’s Monday arrest indicates the victim was his mother Angela. The report alleges Dez Bryant “got upset during a verbal argument and grabbed mother by her shirt and hair and hit her in the face with ball cap.”

Bryant’s mother told the police that she told her son to leave during an argument and he became upset. Angela Bryant did not complain about injuries on the day of the alleged assault. Two days later (Monday), she complained of pain in her wrists, hands and arms. Officers observed swelling in her wrist. She also had bruising on her upper right and left arm.

Bryant has said, through his lawyer, that he doesn’t want to be a distraction. But it’s a little too late for that now.

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