Penn State students are now camping out to protect Joe Paterno statue

Another day, another new development at the Joe Paterno statue.

We told you that Penn State security had begun to monitor the statue and has since stopped. And then yesterday, someone flew a plane over the campus with a banner warning, “Take down the statue or we will”. On the heels of the flying warning, a few students decided that they would take it upon themselves to provide security for the statue.

So the two students you see pictured above decided to spend the night camping out at the security to ensure that no one does any harm to it.

The most important thing about this is the fact that more students could be coming. And because of that, something tells us this might not end well.


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  1. William McCarron says:

    It’s sickening to know that people would protect a football coach that enabled a sicko in his raping of innocent boys. Go back and study and make something of your life. You’re protecting a concrete statue of a man that was gutlessand an immoral fraud who was protecting his kingdom’s prestige instead of those kids that Sanduaky raped. You’re part of the pathetic community that part of the problem. You elevate this scum bag because of football wins instead of taking your emotions out of the situation and seeing what this dirt bag did. You should be sent in sandusky’s cell and be violated relentlessly like his kids were. Your school is a disgrace

    • Effingham Hoofnagle says:

      I agree with everything you posted. Funny how the shit hit the fan just days AFTER he got his 409th win and passed Eddie Robinson with the most wins. He clearly cared more about going out on top than of old Jerry being on top of 10 year old boys in HIS showers.

  2. hey look! it’s Jerry’s kids! Ooops wrong Jerry. Why on gods green earth would you protect a guy who supported sandustky?

    • Buckwheat Zydeco says:

      They’re protecting a statue of a man who concealed the actions of a pedophile for almost a decade and a half.

      Their motivation is clear.

      I hope no one is stupid enough to let these two perverts and pedophile apologists near their children.

  3. jon davis says:

    that kinda calls attention to the quality education at penn state

  4. Bayonne Frank says:

    Not seeing onedemonstration in support of the victims says it all about that university.

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