Penn State players give a statement on their commitment to the university

In a show of their commitment to Penn State and the Penn State football program, several current Penn State players gave a brief statement on why they’re not leaving Penn State.

In their statement Senior linebacker Michael Mauti explains that the Penn State program “was not built by one man and it’s sure as hell not going to be torn down by one man”.

At the moment coach Bill O’Brien is surprisingly finding success with keeping his team intact and this statement is an indication of that.

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  1. William McCarron says:

    I praise the players who stayed at PSU. You now have a REAL human being as a coach. Joe (err scumbag) is worm food and I hope all his idiot supporters go to hell. I will root hard for the new PSU that is free of a man and regime that enabled a sicko to violate kids and covered it up to save the schools rep and keep the cash cow rolling. Go Bill O’Brien!! You bring class and humanity to PSu and would NEVER put it behind other priorities such as win. How’s the view from Hell, Joe?


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