Penn State fan says NCAA sanctions were ‘our 9/11’

Reactions to the Penn State sanctions have been as expected amongst Penn State fans and alumni. There have been words of commitment and the predictable outrage, but for the most part, we hadn’t heard anything outrageous from those that are pro-Penn State.

Well, that all changed when WNEP interviewed Tom and Sally Price. The Price’s are both alums and fans of Penn State and they (Tom really) are struggling to put into words just how they feel about the sanctions handed down to their alma mater. So when WNEP asks Tom how he feels about it all, he responds with, “I just can’t put my arms around it, it’s, to me, it was our 9/11 today. I just saw planes crashing into towers”.

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  1. William McCarron says:

    Equating the sanctions to 9/11 is typical crap you get from certain Penn State fans (not all) that have their priorities and morals out of whack. The real victims are the young boys that were lured into a sicko’s lair and were sexually abused and robbed of their humanity and innocence. PSU’s leader enabled the behavior and covered it up all in the name of saving his precious football program’s reputation. He allowed this mad man to continuously violate young boys so the scandle wouldn’t ruin the cash cow ( err football team). Hey PSU fans, check yourself. Equating justified sanctions on your school to an event where 3000 civilians were murdered is telling me that you’re part of the community that fed the monster and allowed these act to be perpetrated. You are the sheep that Joe led down the primrose path to your programs death. I have only remorse for the new coach and the football players that got penalized in the aftermath. But it had to happen. Take your punishment and learn that life, morals and honor are far more valuable than wins, pigskin,and championships. Pray for the families that were affected by that monster’s actions. Shame on you who have more priorities involving your season tickets in Happy Valley. God bless those boys and I hope it leads to people reporting abuse in real time and preventing such violence in the future.

  2. William McCarron says:

    These so called fans are a part of the problem that led to Joe’s rise to power to such a height that he thought he was above the law. Again, I feel sorry for new coach and current recruits. However, I know Obrien is an honest man that is humble and would never allow such acts or cover it up unlike Joe did. Covering something like this up to prevent loss of money or prestige is immoral and the sanctions fit the crime. All you Joe supporters that go on tv and equate sanctions to 9/11 are just as sick and immoral as the perpetrators in this case. The had no remorse for the kids. They only had remorse for a team that was led by a guy that valued wins over protecting kids. It has everything to do with football and what the school gained from it. Think about what you’re saying. 3000 people died in Ny. The people that were on flight 93 who gave their lives to prevent another tragedy are the real heros that valued other people’s lives more than their own. The same can be said for Nypd and Nyfd. They ran into an inferno knowing that they may not come back out. What did Joe do? That gutless puke hid behind his power and covered it up along with other high end PSU officials. So in closing, these fans in this video and all the clones like them need to learn from this. They are showing they haven’t. I would revoke their season tickets and distance myself from these two scumbags if I were the PSU new officials. In fact, I wouldn’t hesitate to have a press conf on it. These are the idiots that give this school a bad name. I could understand backing joe at first if you’re bias to him prior to when evidence was presented. But now coming out like this is an act that shows immorality You two are scum and so was joe and they entire cover up crew. Thank you NCAA for getting this one right.

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