Penn State Anti-NCAA t-shirts have arrived

The company Smack Apparel has created the first Penn State Anti-NCAA t-shirt that we’ve run across since the NCAA hit Penn State with sanctions.

The front of the t-shirt comes complete with the hammer and sickle logo of The Communist Party of China as the “C” in NCAA and the tagline, “National Communist Athletic Association”. And on the back is the tagline, “Overstepping Their Bounds And Punishing The Innocent Since 1906”.

Have at it Penn State fans.

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  1. William McCarron says:

    Oh cry me a river, PSU. Your leader enabled and covered up a hideous crime. Deal with it with maturity. Be mad at your dictator and suck it up. This shows you haven’t learned a thing from this

    • Smarter Than William McCarron says:

      “You”? WTF are you talking about? Penn State is 560,000 alumni, 100,000 students, 10,000 educators and staff, and all of their families. You obviously have no clue who’s behind this t-shirt design or whether that person has any connection to PSU whatsoever. For the record, the company was started by a Florida State grad.

      How about you show a little capacity for analytical thought before you open your fetid mouth and avoid generalizing, asshat?

    • It shows how ignorant you and people like you are William. Was Joe Pa supposed to arrest him by himself. And why is no one blaming McQueary who was an eye witness and should have gone directly to the police. These people worked with Sandusky for 20 plus years and He had them all fooled even his wife. Some people still believe innocent until proven guilty in this country, so if you want to blame someone, blame the DA who decided not to prosecute in 1998 or Did JoePa run the DA’s office too. I love how the NCAA is so intent on punishing the athletes students, alumni, fans, and the scapegoat (Paterno) I read the whole report and saw nothing worthy of stripping 13 seasons or scholarships from Penn State who by the way has the highest graduation rates among athletes in the NCAA, because it isn’t just about Football there. While Joe Paterno had a lot of Influence at the school he by no means RAN or had A Dictatorship of the University, he still had people he answered to as evidenced by his firing. So why don’t you get your head out of your butt. They don’t have one document from Joe Paterno stating he knew, the report was based on what others said, and others emails. Joe Paterno had neither a computer or email. Isn’t it a liitle convenient that the University asked JoePa not to comment on the issue. Then Commissioned a report after he died, that more or less tries to make him the scapegoat. Highly Suspect. It wasn’t His rcord that was his legacy it is the men he coached which regardless of how he is slandered in the media, know what type of man he was and that his true passion was them. Rest In Peace Joe PA we miss you. Wish you were here to defend yourself.

  2. Grammar Nazi says:

    Should be “overstepping ITS bounds…” obviously the makers of the shirt are idiots.

    • “Idiots” is a little rash for the profits they’re making. The real idiots are those who comment without reading the Freeh Report. Might that be you?

  3. I’m getting one. You guys are wasting your time arguing with fools who have an opinion, but have not read the Freeh Report. Ask any of them to find support in the text of the document for what is in the executive report. They won’t find it. Ask why the Freeh and the NCAA called Curley and Shultz “out-and-out liars” and then accepted what they said as gospel. Better, save your time, you’d be speaking to idiots.

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