Pau Gasol is feeling like ‘a beast’ these days

Don’t laugh, but Lakers big man Pau Gasol is feeling good this summer. So good that he’s calling himself “a beast” over in London.

Maybe it’s because it has become clear that he may be with the Lakers for the long haul. Or maybe it’s because he recently got a vote of confidence from his buddy ole pal, Kobe Bryant. Or maybe it’s just because Gasol has decided to actually pick up a dumbbell or two this summer. We’ll go ahead and let you know that it’s the latter.

“I have been preparing myself and working to get better this summer,” Gasol, a two-time National Basketball Association (NBA) champion with the Los Angeles Lakers, told reporters at a news conference.

“First for the Olympics and to perform at a high level to be able to achieve our goal, and then when the Olympics are over, take a little break and continue to prepare myself for what’s going to be a very demanding (NBA) season, a season where we (the Lakers) want to get back on top as a team.”

NBA team mate Kobe Bryant took notice after Gasol led Spain with 19 points in an exhibition game defeat to the United States in Barcelona on Tuesday.

Bryant said the 7-foot (2.13m), 32-year-old Gasol looked stronger, absorbing contact and pushing back in an impressive display that boded well for future Lakers’ success.

“I’m a beast,” Gasol told Reuters. “Yeah, I feel pretty good. I feel strong.”

Look at Pau feeling all good this summer.

But do we really expect to see a tougher, aggressive Pau Gasol? Sure we do. But do we really expect a beast-like Paul Gasol? Absolutely not.

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  1. aaron ford says:

    i know that im gonnal get hated for this post, but ive stated before that i hope that spain win the gold medal in basketball. because that means that pau would have played his ass off. and hopeful that will carry on to this upcoming season. so lakers fans do you agree with me that winning the gold medal for spain will catapault pau’s game for the upcoming season. the lakers need pau to play like he is making a bid for mvp of the league.

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