Osi Umenyiora says Robert Griffin III hasn’t done anything to be nicknamed RG3, so he’ll call him ‘Bob Griffin’

Osi Umenyiora is gearing up for his 8th season with the New York Giants. A season where he and his teammates will be the defending NFC East and Super Bowl champions.

While the Giants’ core has remained intact, there have been a few changes within the division. The most intriguing of which is Robert Griffin III taking over at quarterback in Washington. But seeing as though the Giants are on top of the NFC East mountain at the moment, Umenyiora sees it as his job to remind everyone that Griffin III has not done a thing in the NFL. And until he does, Umenyiora will not call his by his established nickname, RG3. Instead, he will call him Bob Griffin.

Of course, Umenyiora from time to time doesn’t mind some stick-poking. He shows respect for opponents but refuses to heap praise on players who haven’t proven anything. Case in point: He will not refer to Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III as RG3 even though that’s basically what everyone calls him.

“Who is this RG3 guy you guys keep talking about?’’ Umenyiora said. “You talking about Bob Griffin? You guys are giving him a cool nickname already and everything. When he does anything in the NFL we’re gonna call him RG3. Right now he’s Bob Griffin.’

Yes, the NFL season just needs to start already.

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