Orlando requested a meeting with Dwight Howard just so he could tell them that he wanted to be traded again

It seems that new Orlando GM Rob Hennigan just can’t wrap his head around the fact that Dwight Howard wants out of Orlando. Sure, he’s new to the organization and he wants to believe that the relationship can be salvaged, but it’s over. Done. Finished. But it seems that Rob Hennigan needed to hear it again from Howard.

So he and assistant GM Scott Perry requested to meet with Howard in Los Angeles and sat in a room with Howard and his agent for two hours. And presumably for two hours, Howard told them in no uncertain terms that he still wants to be traded.

During the meeting, which was at Orlando’s request, Howard repeated his position to Hennigan and Perry that he had no intention of signing an extension with the Magic. According to sources, Howard expressed frustration that what he perceived as viable trade offers from Brooklyn and the Lakers were rejected. While Howard has made it clear that he will not sign a long-term extension with the team that acquires him — primarily because he can sign only a three-year extension as opposed to inking a new four- or five-year deal in the offseason — sources said that if he is dealt to the Lakers he would strongly consider re-signing with L.A. at the end of the season.

If Howard is not traded, Dallas, which could have enough cap space to sign the three-time Defensive Player of the Year outright in the offseason, is his preferred destination, a source said.

Talk about a waste of time.

The Magic have two options here:
1. Just trade him and get the best deal possible.
2. Don’t trade him and let him deal with the awkwardness of having to play in Orlando for at least half the year.

But just stop running behind him like a little puppy dog. He’s made up his mind. It’s time for Orlando to do the same.

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