Olympic tickets being sold to the public after a weekend of empty seats

If you’re not a part of the many international federations, chances are you were unable to get tickets to Olympic events in London. But all that changed Sunday when British citizens began to complain to notice all the empty seats at many of the venue. Seats that were supposed to be filled by the international federations for each sport.

So since it was clear that the members of these international federations were not showing up to venues and having to entire sections of empty seats doesn’t really help the broadcasts, organizers are now selling the seats to the public.

[Organizer] Locog has now started clawing back unsold and unused tickets to sell on to the British public, with 3,000 released on Sunday night and thousands more to go on sale each day as they become available.
The tickets will be sold through the official London 2012 website, on a first come, first served basis. All 3,000 tickets released on Sunday were quickly snapped up.

Locog spokesman Jackie Brock-Doyle said: “We talked to the international federations yesterday and we were able to put about 3,000 tickets back into the pot. We will carry on doing that session by session, talking to the accredited groups and asking if we can release some of their tickets back to the public.

“Wherever we can we will put more tickets up for sale the night before.”

So just how many tickets are being held by these international federations? On Sunday alone, 600 tickets were returned by gymnastic federations, 700 were returned for beach volleyball, and 100 tickets were returned for swimming.

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