NFLPA files lawsuit against NFL over handling of bounty scandal

Saints linebacker Jonathon Vilma has already filed a lawsuit against Roger Goodell, and now the NFL Players Association has filed a separate lawsuit against the NFL on behalf of all four suspended players for their handling of the bounty scandal.

The lawsuit, filed in New Orleans federal court, claims that Roger Goodell “violated the collective bargaining agreement by showing publicly he had determined Will Smith, Anthony Hargrove and Scott Fujita had participated in a bounty system while with the New Orleans Saints even before serving as an arbitrator at their hearing”.

The lawsuit also asks that a new arbitrator hear the case and the old arbitration ruling be thrown out.

The NFL responded with this statement:

“As in the case of Mr. Vilma’s lawsuit, this is an improper attempt to litigate an issue that is committed to a collectively bargained process. There is no basis for asking a federal court to put its judgment in place of the procedures agreed upon with the NFLPA in collective bargaining. These procedures have been in place, and have served the game and players well, for many decades.”

Looks like Goodell is continuing to stay the course and trying to put this to bed. Unfortunately for him, the players are continuing to stay the course and fighting him at every turn.

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  1. Everybody will remember what they did, & remember they were unremorseful.
    They might wind up being indicted on Federal charges after all if they keep pushing it; what do you think a Peyton Manning absence affects the NFL? The NFL is a business. Business that depends on all its stars, not a couple here, that are left after they rip every running backs ankles off, & fracture the necks of NFL stars, that bring in how much every season? How much does anyone think Peyton Manning makes the NFL alone? Well I think millions, but people don’t want to go see him on the sidelines (unless it is a different scenario), they want to see these injured players in action.
    It is so dumb, to not compete athletically, & to selfishly, take somebody’s limb off; like an arm, leg or decapitate their ‘HEADS off! Their more barbarians then athletes, why don’t they go join mob or something? It’s ridiculous: I can’t stand Peyton Manning, because I like the Jags, but I am sick about hearing, about players getting something broke (outside of normal football which is natural), & the thing we’re most sick of, is knowing player are killing themselves, & knowing we have the opportunity to move forward, to now have the chances to protect players with more leverage. Science is giving it to us.

    • What science tells us is, the only way to make the sport “safe” is to end it altogether. If you were “sick of players killing themselves,” you’d STOP watching altogether. What makes Quarterbacks compelling is the idea that they overcome the menace facing them and thrive.

      Goodell is a despot running a kleptocracy, using “player safety to redistribute wealth away from certain groups of players. if he were concerned with players, there would not be several additional Thursday night games and continued talk of 18 game seasons.

      The die is quickly being cast on the DeMaurice Smith legacy. And that legacy is befitting one of the best litigators on planet Earth breathing. “Mr Goodell, we WILL KEEP you on your toes, and the second you take a HALF step out of line, you will be met with resistance.

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