New England Patriots have reportedly told Rob Gronkowski that his summer party tour is over

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has been in the news quite a lot this offseason. More than any other Patriot under Bill Belichick that we can ever remember. And while Gronkowski has used his offseason to attend as many parties as he could, the Patriots have been uncharacteristically quiet about it all.

Well, it seems that the Patriots have decided that Gronkowski has had enough fun this summer and it’s time for him to end his little summer party tour.

After posing nude for ESPN The Magazine’s “Body Issue” and partying at events for the issue and the ESPYs (Gronkowski was up for two awards but was shut out), and co-hosting “Access Hollywood Live” in recent days — things that seem un-Patriot-like — don’t be surprised if he lays low for the next couple of weeks.

Via a league source, Gronkowski has been told by the team that his summer of Gronk, so to speak, is over.

So it all comes to an end. But we’ll always have the image of a shirtless Gronkowski dancing to LMFAO.

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