Let’s just say that some Marlins players are happy that Hanley Ramirez is gone

Usually when a player is the face of a franchise for almost 7 years and then gets suddenly traded, you hear stories from the clubhouse about how former teammates are sad to see him go. Sure, a player won’t get along with everyone, but over a 7 year period, many friendships should be made.

Well, unless you’re Hanley Ramirez apparently.

You see, most of his former Marlins teammates aren’t sad to see Ramirez head to Los Angeles. In fact, most of them are happy. And they took the time to reveal their happiness to Manny Navarro of the Miami Herald.

One player who spoke on the condition of anonymity said, “There were a lot of smiles’’ in the Marlins clubhouse Wednesday morning, happiness because a player disliked by many in the organization — but protected by the front office for years because he was producing — was finally gone.

“They created a monster from a very good baseball player — gave him so much slack to do whatever the [expletive] he wanted because he was performing,’’ the player said.

“You can push some things aside when you’re hitting .340 with 40 home runs. You say ‘He’s a [jerk], but I can deal with it. … But when you’re not playing and you’re trying to be that same [jerk], it starts rubbing people the wrong way.’’

Asked if the trade was good or bad for the Marlins clubhouse, Logan Morrison said: “It would be good to have Hanley Ramirez hitting .342 like he did in 2009 still here. But other than that, that’s all I’m going to say about that.’’

So what exactly did teammates dislike about Ramirez? Well only that he “blasted his music, flashed his jewelry, didn’t seem to be bothered sometimes after losses, and treated people like crap.”

ou know, the usual things.

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