Kobe Bryant thinks the current Olympic team would ‘pull it out’ against the Dream Team

Every four years, a new USA basketball team is chosen to compete in the Olympics. And every four years that team is compared to the 1992 Dream Team. Then, at some point someone asks a member of the team if he thinks that the current team can beat the Dream Team.

The person that was asked this go round was Kobe Bryant. And if you know anything about Kobe Bryant, you know that he would never choose a team that he’s a member of to lose to a team he’s not a member of. So when he was faced with answering if he thinks the 2012 Olympic team would beat the Dream Team, there was no way that he was going to say “No”.

Instead Kobe went with this roundabout way of saying, “Yes”:

“From a basketball standpoint, they obviously had more size than we do with Robinson, Ewing, Malone and those guys, but they were also, they’re wing players were a lot older. Kinda at the end of their career where we have some young race horses. Guys that are eager to compete. I don’t know. It would be a tough one, but I think we would pull it out.”

We could debate this, but there really isn’t a need. The current team would have a chance, but we just can’t go against the Dream Team.


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