Knicks GM Glen Grunwald reportedly attempted to dodge Rockets offer sheet for Jeremy Lin

We’ve already outlined that Knicks owner James Dolan felt that he was deceived and betrayed by Jeremy Lin. So it shouldn’t surprise you that there is yet another example of just how personal the Knicks took Jeremy Lin signing that poison pill offer sheet.

In the Houston Chronicle’s behind the scenes look at how the deal went down, they describe every decision the Rockets made from start to finish. But the most interesting part of all this is the decision that Knicks GM Glen Grunwald made on July 13. Grunwald decided that he was going to dodge any meetings with the Rockets so he would not be given Lin’s offer sheet.

Within hours, it became clear that delivering the offer sheet to Knicks general manager Glen Grunwald would be a challenge. Grunwald refused to answer the door to his room at the Mandarin Oriental or come to the front desk to accept the offer sheet. The Rockets sent representatives to Knicks practice and later to their game, but Grunwald did not attend and would not set up a time to meet.

Having just completed the sign-and-trade that sent Marcus Camby to New York, the Rockets had the contract information ready for the Knicks’ attorneys and emailed Lin the offer sheet, also sending it through overnight delivery to the Knicks’ offices in New York. Still, they tried to get a ruling from the NBA about when the offer sheet would be considered to have been received, starting the three-day period for the Knicks to match.

“We asked the league for help,” Morey said. “They gave us advice. We did what they suggested. They say they consider it a team-to-team issue.”

If you weren’t clear before how much losing Jeremy Lin hurt the Knicks front office before, it should be now.

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  1. I still don’t see losing Lin as the end of all things. They lose out on the revenue he’d help produce but as far as game play Felton is better and cheaper. I would’ve liked Lin to stay but If I was management the way the new CBA is I wouldn’t give an unproven turnover prone guy that much money either. If Dolan had matched and Lin turned out to be a bust everyone still would’ve blamed Dolan for spending that much money on an unproven player. Some kind of way Carmelo would be blamed too.

  2. You say that Felton is better and cheaper. Here’s the first scenario: Knicks are 8-15. Lin comes in and the Knicks become 15-15 and are back in the playoff hunt. Here’s the second scenario: Knicks are 8-15 and this time Felton comes in. Do the same Knicks with Felton become 15-15? Never. Your assessment on Felton over Lin is based on bias.

  3. micollin says:

    Mr.Dolan’s betrayed was just a falsity, or eventually a joke. Lin-sanity had helped Knicks proudce lots of revenue on and out of court at half of this year. If you were the Boss or the MSG who own this all-star, would you let himself raced by other hunters? No more than the fact is, Knicks doesn’t deseve to receive the “Gift” , the only dum way left is escape …….

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