Joe Paterno statue is now being ‘monitored’ by Penn State security

One of, if not the biggest questions that came out of the Freeh Report that was released yesterday is whether or not the Joe Paterno statue should come down. A Facebook page has been created to help the cause of removing the statue and even former FSU coach Bobby Bowden has chimed in that the statue should go.

But until the university makes a decision regarding the statue, Penn State has decided to step up security around the statue.


To some, the move may signal that Penn State has already made their decision regarding the statue. And to others, it may be a case of Penn State’s attempt at keeping order on the campus.

At any rate, Penn State security is indeed guarding the statue and this photo from @StateCollegeMom proves it.

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  1. jeff mellott says:

    The drunks at PSU deserve their statue, just as the people of Germany deserve to have Auschwitz remain standing.

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