Jerry Jones is ready for the Cowboys to return to their “glory hole” days

You’ve read the title so no need for us to get all analytical about this. We’ll just give you this glorious Jerry Jones quote in its entirety.

“For me, it’s a reminder,” Jones said. “I’ve been here 23 years. I’ve been here when it was glory hole days and I’ve been here when it wasn’t. And, so, having said that, I want me some glory hole. So I have that perspective.”

Shortly thereafter, Cowboys’ vice-president of public relations/communications Rich Dalrymple chimed in with a reminder that “glory hole” is a common expression in the oil and gas exploration business pertaining to a high-profit drilling site. Jones, a longtime oil man, feigned surprise.

“That’s news to me,” Jones said, smiling.

That’s news to us too, Jerry.

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