Jarrett Jack thinks Ray Allen is traitor for signing with the Miami Heat

Late Friday night it was announced that Ray Allen had decided to not re-sign with the Boston Celtics and sign with the Miami Heat. Most people understand Allen’s thought process on the decision. He obviously believes that he has the best chance to win another championship with the Heat. Add in the fact that his relationship with Rajon Rondo is apparently not the best and it’s easy to see why Allen chose the Heat.

But all of that is enough for the Hornets’ Jarret Jack. Jack thinks that Allen is traitor for spurning the Celtics for the Heat and he took to his Twitter page to ask his followers their opinion on the matter.


Traitor is a little strong. Besides, this is the new NBA. It’s all business

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  1. big jay says:

    yeah ray allen is a traitor how you just gone sign with the same team that just put you out the playoffs!.oh well miami aint fixin to get another ring atleast not this Upcoming season. the bulls for the win!p.sfuck lebron and that traitor allen!!

  2. Shawnyboy says:

    Not happy to see Ray go but the Heat arent the real rival of Boston. The Lakers are and always will be. Besides, could be KG’s last year, and Miami has the best chance to repeat. Things havent been the same since they let Perkins and Big Baby go. Rondo is like Rose, amazing player but cant do it alone. Same reason LBJ went to Heat to begin with. Either way, Celtics fan til I die!

  3. Leaving twice as much money in Boston by going to Miami is not the new business decision any other player would really want to follow.This was a personal move not business

  4. Ray Allen didn’t look like he was playin to win in the series against miami. Looks like another uder the table that was done already by miami. How can you play hard against a team that you’ve already decided to sign with.

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