Is it just coincidence that ESPN’s Chris Broussard is taking vacation in the middle of the NBA free agency madness?

ESPN insider Chris Broussard has had a rough start to the NBA free agency period. Things were bad for Broussard on Tuesday when he “reported” that Deron Williams would re-sign with the Nets minutes after Deron Williams tweeted the news himself. And then, things got worse when Broussard tweeted that Eric Gordon personally told him: “I strongly feel they are the right franchise for me. Phoenix is just where my heart is now.” despite Gordon releasing a prepared statement minutes before Broussard’s tweet basically saying the same thing.

Since the Eric Gordon “report”, Broussard’s Twitter account has slowed down. He’s tweeted about Jeremy Lin’s meeting with the Rockets and Michael Beasley’s meeting with the Suns, but that’s it.

Nothing on Steve Nash and nothing on Dwight Howard.

But earlier today Broussard jumped back on Twitter not to return to “reporting”, but to announce that he was heading to vacation in the middle of the free agency period.

As you can see, Broussard also takes a shot at his “haters”, whoever they may be, but the question remains, why would Broussard go on vacation now?

Was this planned? Was he asked to sit this one out? Or could he be suspended?

Whatever the case, looks like Broussard is at least confirming reports while on “vacation”.

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