Despite signing with the Miami Heat, Ray Allen says he’ll always be a Celtic

For Celtics fans, losing Ray Allen in free agency is one thing. But losing Ray Allen in free agency to the Miami Heat is totally another. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Allen is catching heat for signing with the Heat.

Allen understands the backlash, but does admit that being called Judas Shuttlesworth hurts. And that he wants to make it clear that he’ll always be a Celtic and he’ll stay true to the city of Boston.

And when he was asked about coming back to Boston as a member of the Heat, Allen said. “Forever, I’ll always be a Celtic, no matter what. I seen Big Baby (Glen Davis) down here during the playoffs watching (Game 5 vs. Miami) and I looked at him as a brother. We played against Perk (Kendrick Perkins) during the year, it doesn’t change. Posey came in the locker room once we lost Game 7 here and he’s forever a Celtic. Eddie House played down there (in Miami) and he came in the (Celtics) locker room every time he got the opportunity. In my mind, it never changes. I don’t care what people say about me, I’ll always stay true to the city of Boston and the fans there. They’ve been great to me. I’ll always consider that place home.”

That sounds all well and good Ray, but something tells us Boston fans won’t buy this.

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  1. Bullsnbeasrs says:

    Ray Allen a joke… Stay in Miami!

  2. HeatNation12 says:

    Ray Allen Congrats and True Basketball fans understand the whole move and we all know the older you get its about how many more champions you can get before you go. Its just like having a job and they promote you and you have the choice of staying and working there or goin somewhere else to make better money and living and thats what Lebron and Allen and everyone is doin its about championships not money. I would love to see one of yall go to the NBA and win a tittle which wont happen. So get over it and be ready to crown the Heat champions for 2 years in a row! 🙂

  3. Redkeys23 says:

    Ray would never say it, but when Boston signed Jason Terry, to do exactly what Ray Allen does, it was Boston’s way of saying we really dont need you and are not priority. If you want to talk about loyalty, look at it like this….How does some one who does the same thing you do, who is from another team get signed before you do?! There is no way that they both couldve been effective on that team! The only reason why they wanted him after signing Jason Terry was so the Heat wouldnt pick him up and take it out on them every time they play each other. Just saying….

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