Deron Williams and Jason Kidd both realized that the Dallas Mavericks roster wasn’t good enough

At one point, it was believed that the Dallas Mavericks were heavy favorites to sign both Deron Williams. And with Williams in the fold, they instantly became a favorite to land Dwight Howard.

But things didn’t work out quite like that. In fact, the Mavericks have lost more than they’ve gained. Williams decided to re-sign in Brooklyn, Howard wants to follow, and the Mavs have subsequently lost Jason Kidd and Jason Terry to the Knicks and Celtics.

So what went wrong? How does a team that once had a chance to land two top 10 NBA players end up with neither of them as well as losing two vital cogs from there championship team? Well according to Jason Kidd, it’s because when it came down to it, the Mavs roster isn’t good enough to sway free agents to sign in Dallas. And Kidd said as much in an interview with Joe and Evan on WFAN in New York.

On why he decided to leave Dallas after all signs pointed to him staying:

“I felt in the morning I was committing to the Mavs and I went out and played a little golf and I just didn’t feel comfortable with the decision. I called my wife and my agent and told them that I think I want to change my mind. We talked about it and we felt basketball, I still feel I can be competitive and help and I thought basketball decision was to go to the Knicks just because of the pieces that they had.”

How much playing on the east coast again played into his decision to sign with the Knicks:

“I’m comfortable here on the east coast. I’ve had some success but again I’m looking at basketball teams and I was just with a good friend of mine, Deron (Williams), and looking at him and what he talked to me about and the reason why he felt he couldn’t go to Dallas was because of the roster. So I kind of looked at it too and I kind of backed off and thought ‘hey New York has a chance to be successful and I hope I can help those guys win.”

Again, in the new NBA it’s all about winning. Yes, the Mavs just won a NBA championship, but all signs point to them not winning again anytime soon. So what do you get? You get players jumping ship.

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