David Stern is perfectly fine with all the Dwight Howard drama

Undoubtedly, you just want Dwight Howard to just go away. Your hope is that the Magic trade him in the next 10 minutes, just so he can stop whining about not wanting to play in Orlando anymore. We understand and we do too. The quicker this can be resolved the better it is for all of us. All of us except David Stern apparently.

In an interview with USA Today, Stern explains that he’s fine with all of ridiculousness that’s been going on between the Magic and Howard. He’s fine with Howard’ whining and he’s fine with the Magic flying cross country only to hear the Howard reiterate for the 1,000th time that he wants to be traded. He’s likens it to a soap opera that we all continue to follow. And that’s good for the NBA.

To me, it is the soap opera our fans turn in for – the drama on the court and the drama off the court,” Stern said. “When we cease to have a story popping up, we probably won’t exist.

“I think what it is, is that that’s the way we are. That’s the way it has been in baseball and the NFL and hockey and basketball. And frankly, it engages our fans, it engages our reporters, it engages our bloggers. It makes people happy, mad, sad. It’s just the life in sports.”

The only thing Stern forgot to add is that he’s just happy that people are taking a break from being pissed off at him.

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